Submitted Plans

Plans submitted to the County will be reviewed for accuracy of data and conformance with legal requirements. County’s report and analysis of submitted plans will be created and submitted for Boundary Review Committee’s review, and made available for public review after a reasonable time following submittal. Such reports will be available as links in the Boundary Review Committee agenda for the meeting at which they will be discussed. Specific plans may be considered at Boundary Review Committee meetings. Proposers may wish to attend the meetings and testify on their plans. Attendance by proposers however, is not required.

Note: For plans submitted by the Board of Supervisors during the Board’s public hearing process, click here.

Author Submitted Plan Name County Assigned Plan ID
Boundary Review Committee July 13, 2011 BRC Recommended Plan (Same as Proposed Amended A1) A2
Boundary Review Committee Member July 11, 2011 Proposed Amended S1
Boundary Review Committee Member July 11, 2011 Proposed Amended A1
Marqueece Harris-Dawson/Jackie Dupont-Walker/Tunua Thrash June 10, 2011 LACBOS_AfricanAmerican** S1
Steven Ochoa June 10, 2011 MALDEF Submission 2** R1
Steven Ochoa June 10, 2011 MALDEF Submission 1** Q1
Ron Hoffman June 10, 2011 Plan 1 P1
James Reed June 9, 2011 Reed_Plan O1
Diana M. Velasquez and Alan Clayton June 8, 2011 Velasquez-Clayton Plan 2 N1
Alan Clayton and John Y. Wong June 8, 2011 Joseph M. Sanchez Memorial Plan M1
Seyou Oh June 8, 2011 Redistricting LA County 2011 L1
Keith Privett June 7, 2011 Privett1 K1
Leo Estrada June 6, 2011 LA_CO_BOS_06_06_2011 J1
Christopher Kan June 2, 2011 Coastal City-Foothill Community Realign I1
Leo Estrada June 1, 2011 LA_CO_BOS_06-01-2011 H2
Leo Estrada May 30, 2011 LA_CO_BOS_PLAN_ESTRADA H1
Daniel Lopez May 25, 2011 First Plan G1
Christopher McClelland May 23, 2011 Even Plan F1
Jacob Kang-Brown May 19, 2011 16 Districts* E1*
Yoav Shernock May 15, 2011 C Plan 1 D1
John Pupura May 5, 2011 Plan C1
Alan Chan May 1, 2011 Minority Empowerment B1

*Note: The standard analysis will only be performed for plans providing for five supervisorial districts, as any increase in the number of districts would require voter approval of a County Charter amendment.

**Note: The standard analysis cannot be performed for proposed plans that do not provide for five supervisorial districts, do not use the County’s Redistricting software, and/or do not use the County’s Redistricting Data Units (RDUs).  Any analysis of such plans will only consist of approximations of available data and will not correlate with the County’s standard analysis and reports generated for other plans.