Schedule of Important Dates

Timeframe Action
November 2010 Submit proposed redistricting process to Board of Supervisors, including establishment of a Boundary Review Committee (BRC).
Winter 2010/2011
  • Board appoints BRC members/alternates.
  • County staff prepares for redistricting process (e.g., review requirements, current plan, and data requirements; secure consultant assistance; design website).
December 2010 Census Bureau delivers 2010 Census data to President.
January 2011 The President delivers apportionment count to the U.S. House of Representatives.
March 2011
  • Organizational meeting of BRC.
  • Activate Website.
  • Prepare for receipt of Census data (no later than 4/1/11).
  • Establish hearing/public meeting calendar.
  • Issue press releases on process.
April 2011
  • Analyze existing election districts using the 2011 redistricting data.
  • Activate redistricting software.
  • Regular BRC meetings and outreach meetings in Supervisorial Districts
May 2011
  • Regular BRC Meetings
  • Staff analyzes redistricting plans submitted.
June 2011
  • Last day to submit proposed plans is Friday, June 10 at 5:00 p.m.
  • BRC deliberates on recommended redistricting plan(s).
July 2011 BRC recommends redistricting plan(s) to Board of Supervisors.
August 2011 Board holds first public hearing on redistricting plan.
September 2011

Board continues first public hearing and holds second public hearing.

  • Board must adopt Supervisorial Redistricting Plan no later than end of September in order for Ordinance to be effective by end of October; 4/5 vote required.
  • If Board fails to enact a new Plan Ordinance by 10/31/11, responsibility for adopting boundaries shifts to a redistricting commission composed of (in LA County) the District Attorney, Assessor and Sheriff, as prescribed by Elections Code 21502.
October 2011 Redistricting Ordinance becomes effective.
December 2011 Filing to run for County Supervisor in the June 2012 Primary commences in late December.