Districts & Data Downloads

Current Supervisorial District Maps

  • 2001 Supervisorial Districts (PDF) – Click here
  • 1st Supervisorial District (14 MB PDF) – Click here
  • 2nd Supervisorial District (12 MB PDF) – Click here
  • 3rd Supervisorial District (11 MB PDF) – Click here
  • 4th Supervisorial District (10 MB PDF) – Click here
  • 5th Supervisorial District (15 MB PDF) – Click here

GIS Layers and Data Sets

We encourage you to use the GIS layers and data sets with the County’s online redistricting software. The information is also available for download, as indicated below:

GIS layers

Name File Name File / Download
Redistricting Geography    
RDU (Redistricting Unit)Community rdu_v6.shpcomm_v6.shp redistricting_geo.zip
Reference Layers    
County FacilitiesSupervisor Residence Area2001 Supervisorial DistrictsCities and Communities

LA City Council Districts

Congressional Districts

State Assembly Districts

State Senate Districts

School Districts

May 2009 Special Election Results for Judy Chu and Gil Cedillo, California 32nd Congressional District








Education Level (% of adult age 25 or up without high school diploma or equivalent)Poverty Level (% of households below poverty level)English Fluency Level (% does not speak English well)

Primary Household Languages (Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, Cambodian, English, Farsi, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and Other) indicated in percentage

Demographic_Reference.shp Demographic_reference.zip
Election Reference   Election Reference.zip

Data Tables

Name File Name (MS Excel Format) File / Download
RDU to Community Listing (for reference purpose) RDU_COMM_LST rdu_comm_lst.xlsx
Population and Socio-Economic data    
Census – Race/Ethnicity Population,Voting Age Population (part1). 01_PL94_PT1 01_PL94_PT1.xlsx
Census – Voting Age Population (part2).American Community Survey (ACS)Voting Age Gender Population,Citizen Voting Age Population,Citizen Voting Age Gender Population,Homeowner/Renter Population,

Home Value Ranges,

Household Income Ranges.

02_PL94_PT2 02_PL94_PT2
County – Voter Registration Population 03_REGDATA 03_REGDATA.xlsx
Elections data    
2010 General (11/2/2010) 04_RDU_RESULTS_G10 04_RDU_RESULTS_G10.xlsx
2010 Primary (6/8/2010) 05_ RDU_RESULTS _P10 05_RDU_RESULTS_P10.xlsx
2008 General (11/4/2008) 06_ RDU_RESULTS _G08 06_RDU_RESULTS_G08.xlsx
2008 Primary (6/3/2008) 07_ RDU_RESULTS _P08 07_RDU_RESULTS_P08.xlsx
2008 Presidential Primary (2/5/2008) 08_ RDU_RESULTS _PP08 08_RDU_RESULTS_PP08.xlsx
2006 General (11/7/2006) 09_ RDU_RESULTS _G06 09_RDU_RESULTS_G06.xlsx
2006 General-OtherStatewide RDU_RESULTS_G06_OTHERSW RDU_RESULTS_G06_OTHERSW.xlsx
2006 Primary (6/6/2006) 10_ RDU_RESULTS _P06 10_RDU_RESULTS_P06.xlsx
2006 Primary-OtherStatewide RDU_RESULTS_P06_OTHERSW RDU_RESULTS_P06_OTHERSW.xlsx
2004 General (11/2/2004) 11_ RDU_RESULTS _G04 11_RDU_RESULTS_G04.xlsx
2004 Primary (3/2/2004) 12_ RDU_RESULTS _P04 12_RDU_RESULTS_P04.xlsx
2002 General (11/5/2002) 13_ RDU_RESULTS _G02 13_RDU_RESULTS_G02.xlsx
2002 Primary (3/5/2002) 14_ RDU_RESULTS _P02 14_RDU_RESULTS_P02.xlsx