Creating Your Plan

Plans may be created and submitted in the following ways:

  1. Utilizing the County’s redistricting software.
  2. Other method.

The following are requirements/guidelines for plan submission and review process of the Boundary Review Committee:

  • In order to be considered by the Boundary Review Committee, proposed redistricting plans must be received (through Internet transmission, mail, or personal delivery) by 5:00 P.M. on June 10, 2011.
  • Plans submitted to the County will be reviewed for accuracy of data and conformance with legal requirements. Unless there are unusual circumstances, County analysis of submitted plans using the County-provided redistricting software will be completed in three business days. NOTE: Plans submitted not using the County’s redistricting software may take longer than three business days, but no more than ten business days, depending on submitted content.
  • Proposers may resubmit plans that have been revised as a result of a County analysis. However, resubmittals are subject to the June 2, 2011 deadline. Therefore, any original submissions must be received in sufficient time to allow for review, revision, and resubmission. Any initial plans submitted after May 30, 2011 may not be analyzed nor returned for resubmission because of time constraints.
  • Plans submitted to the County are subject to the deliberations of the Boundary Review Committee and may be revised or modified as the Committee deems appropriate. Proposers may request to rescind submitted plans, which will be recorded and reported to the Committee. However, any plans submitted will remain available for Committee consideration.
  • Plans must be submitted seven business days in advance of a scheduled Boundary Review Committee meeting in order to be properly noticed, reviewed, and placed on the Committee’s agenda. Plans submitted at a meeting of the Boundary Review Committee cannot be considered at the meeting. 
  • All plans submitted to the Boundary Review Committee will be made available for public review after a reasonable time following submittal.
  • Boundary Review Committee will hold public hearings during their regular sessions, for the purpose of public input on communities of interest, any submitted redistricting proposal(s), and the general goals of the redistricting process. All interested person are encouraged to participate.
  • Specific plans may be considered at Boundary Review Committee meetings. Proposers may wish to attend the meetings and testify on their plans. Attendance by proposers however, is not required.