The Boundary Review Committee is comprised of ten (10) voting members and ten (10) alternates. Two members and two alternates are nominated by each Supervisor and are then appointed by the Board. The following is a roster of voting members and alternates (Click on name for bios):

Nominated by Voting Members Alternate Members
District 1:
Supervisor Molina
Sean A. Andrade
Steve Reyes
Alma Martinez
Louisa Ollague
District 2:
Supervisor Ridley-Thomas
Teresa Holoman
John Choi
Jesus Escandon
Vincent Harris
District 3:
Supervisor Yaroslavsky
Honorable Terry Friedman
Kevin M. Acebo
Fred A. Flores
Ann Hollister
District 4:
Supervisor Knabe
Herb Hatanaka
Curt Pedersen
Randal Hernandez
Steve Napolitano
District 5:
Supervisor Antonovich
Allan Hoffenblum
Dr. Richard Sun, DDS
Brian Mejia
Marina Tse